Default bind ALT for +showaccuracy
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / data / keybinds.txt
2009-06-11 m0rfarDefault bind ALT for +showaccuracy
2009-03-26 div0add jetpack to keybinds
2009-01-06 div0+use also drops flag
2009-01-06 div0update keybinds.txt to name all weapons on the keys
2009-01-06 esteeladded reload to the input menu
2008-10-22 div0add the "radar" command
2008-10-21 div0add on-hand hook weapon placable by mapper (weapon_hook)
2008-09-09 div0add weapbest to keybinds.txt
2008-09-03 div0put the Port-O-Launch on impulse 14 (key 0)
2008-05-10 div0oops, forgot this
2008-03-16 esteeladded bloodprionsctf to maplist
2008-03-09 esteeladded team_auto to keybinds, renamed 'switch team'...
2008-01-26 div0fix userbinds;
2008-01-25 div0new entity misc_laser with particle effect misc_laser_beam
2008-01-01 div0oops, Nex and RL switched. Thanks, m0rfar
2007-12-31 div0my menu can finally edit key bindings! Usercommands...