somewhat huge directory restructuring, all non files are stored in trunk...
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / Docs /
2009-01-15 esteelpro is now havoc and server got moved, one more file...
2009-01-15 esteelmove the server examples out of Docs and into a dir...
2009-01-14 mand1ngaSpell checking!
2009-01-14 esteelmention the old way to use colors again, GENERATE html...
2009-01-14 mand1ngaUpdated text colors and demo handling references
2009-01-14 esteelsmall change to the help script
2009-01-14 div0fix playerslots_active in rcon2irc
2009-01-13 esteeladded my help messages system so admins can easily...
2009-01-09 div0rcon2irc status command fix
2009-01-09 esteelslight improvements
2009-01-08 esteelsome rewording and restructuring to make server/readme...
2009-01-05 div0oops... this line did nothing
2009-01-05 esteelchanged escaping slightly
2009-01-05 esteelrenamed the "pro" mod to "havoc"
2009-01-05 div0rcon2irc: support a separate timeout for inter-packet...
2009-01-03 esteelalso fix CR description in the html-file (it uses bulle...
2009-01-03 div0fix CR description (it uses bullets, not cells)
2008-12-31 esteelGreenmarine found a few typos
2008-12-30 esteeladded campingrifle to basics and corrected shared ammo...
2008-12-29 div0Add info about the mapinfo "type" lines
2008-12-27 div0do not REQUIRE spaces before and after =
2008-12-26 div0same fixes for
2008-12-26 div0fix color codes on IRC
2008-12-25 div0rcon, rcon2irc: support terrencehill's colors
2008-12-18 div0kick should also say #2, not 2
2008-12-18 div0move the # to the place where it belongs :P (just weird...
2008-12-18 div0don't crash if no status received yet
2008-12-18 div0removed next typo
2008-12-18 div0next typo
2008-12-18 div0fix typo in unban command
2008-12-18 div0add irc admin to the cofnig file
2008-12-18 div0add support for managing bans
2008-12-18 div0rcon2irc: more stuff :P
2008-12-17 div0admin interface beginning
2008-12-13 div0add the head shot flag here too
2008-12-05 div0update defaults
2008-11-28 div0event log: update the spec to what the code does now
2008-11-21 esteeladded ONS, AS and RACE to basics documentation
2008-11-20 esteeladded grappling hook, port-o-launch, minstanex, hlac...
2008-11-07 div0more of this
2008-11-07 div0more vote cvars
2008-11-04 esteelreworked Documents in the style of the homep...
2008-10-31 div0fix bug :P
2008-10-18 div0more stuff :P
2008-10-18 div0new simple majority method
2008-10-11 div0rcon2irc: add irc_local option. Probably broken.
2008-10-10 div0irc_trigger
2008-10-10 div0fix missing CTF settings in server.cfg
2008-10-07 div0update change list
2008-10-05 div0fix vote display
2008-09-21 div0fog
2008-09-16 esteeladded sv_status_privacy and mention kick/kickban as...
2008-09-06 div0fix file cleanup bug FINALLY
2008-09-06 div0debug messages; missing return
2008-09-06 div0syntax cleanup
2008-09-06 div0fix demo protecting
2008-09-06 div0pattern fix
2008-09-06 div0make rcon2irc support the new join command in eventlog
2008-09-06 div0also add the IP address
2008-09-06 div0add :recordset:<ID>:<time> event
2008-09-05 esteelCapitalize some words in the FAQ
2008-09-04 esteelremoved g_instagib as it nolonger exists and sync vote...
2008-09-04 esteeladded workaround for flickering on intel chips to FAQ
2008-08-28 esteelexplain jumping and pressing/holding space better,...
2008-08-23 div0fix docs for the new features
2008-08-13 div0nodetail 1 as default for map voting
2008-07-29 div0oops, typo
2008-07-29 div0new scores log format support^
2008-07-29 div0flag spectators in the scores log
2008-07-29 div0oops^2, now the doc matches the code
2008-07-29 div0add scores output
2008-07-23 div0hopefully fix high CPU load in connection trouble
2008-07-22 div0fix team scores
2008-07-22 div0better team scores format
2008-07-22 div0add "teamscores" score log entry (for CTF)
2008-07-15 div0->
2008-07-15 div0;
2008-07-15 div0try to handle read errors
2008-07-14 div0add throttling for IRC
2008-07-07 div0CTF caplimit
2008-06-20 div0document sv_eventlog_files_timestamps
2008-06-20 m0rfarAppendix C - Advanced Darkplaces shaders
2008-06-02 div0and then there was: the missing comma
2008-06-02 div0make the quotes have the right color
2008-06-01 div0/me is too stupid to use REs... fixed
2008-06-01 div0fix some command outputs; fix typo that crashed it...
2008-06-01 div0make rcon2irc support votes (start)
2008-06-01 div0adding :name:
2008-06-01 div0document all :vote: lines from eventlog
2008-05-30 div0+//g_maplist_check_waypoints in server.cfg; fix small...
2008-05-23 div0move "timing problems" feature from to...
2008-04-27 div0fix minor bug in regarding escape sequences...
2008-04-11 esteelfix small typo and remove leftover seta
2008-04-11 esteelthe mac server scripts were wrong, the binaries are...
2008-03-31 esteelrcon2irc is no longer in an archive but a directory...
2008-03-30 div0fix color code bug in rcon2irc (this time for real)
2008-03-29 esteelsome nitpicking :)
2008-03-29 esteelmake it rcon2irc-*.tar.bz2 in the Docs so the filename...
2008-03-29 div0oops, tiny omission
2008-03-29 div0add rcon client Perl script; slight bugfix to rcon2irc...