rcon2irc: add irc_local option. Probably broken.
[divverent/nexuiz.git] / Docs / server / rcon2irc / rcon2irc.pl
2008-10-11 div0rcon2irc: add irc_local option. Probably broken.
2008-10-10 div0irc_trigger
2008-10-05 div0fix vote display
2008-09-06 div0make rcon2irc support the new join command in eventlog
2008-07-29 div0oops, typo
2008-07-29 div0new scores log format support^
2008-07-23 div0hopefully fix high CPU load in connection trouble
2008-07-22 div0fix team scores
2008-07-22 div0better team scores format
2008-07-15 div0->
2008-07-15 div0;
2008-07-15 div0try to handle read errors
2008-07-14 div0add throttling for IRC
2008-06-02 div0and then there was: the missing comma
2008-06-02 div0make the quotes have the right color
2008-06-01 div0/me is too stupid to use REs... fixed
2008-06-01 div0fix some command outputs; fix typo that crashed it...
2008-06-01 div0make rcon2irc support votes (start)
2008-05-30 div0+//g_maplist_check_waypoints in server.cfg; fix small...
2008-05-23 div0move "timing problems" feature from rbiserver.pl to...
2008-03-30 div0fix color code bug in rcon2irc (this time for real)