generalized physics to have Quake-style and Nexuiz-style air control in the same...
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2006-05-25 kadaverjackfixed fov slider in menu & updated FAQ for 1.6 release
2006-03-08 kadaverjack- updated gtkradiant info in FAQ
2006-03-07 kadaverjackupdated/"recompiled" FAQ
2006-02-08 kadaverjacklinux binaries are now named *-686-*, not *-x86-*
2006-02-08 kadaverjack- anisotropy/gl_picmip switches, dropweapon/show_info...
2006-02-04 kadaverjack- version number in FAQ is now 1.5
2006-02-02 kadaverjack- fixed playercount in lms
2006-01-05 kadaverjackadded development section to faq and changed makefile...
2005-12-27 esteelsmall typo corrected (cl instead of ccl)
2005-12-27 kadaverjackremoved missing sounds
2005-12-09 kadaverjackadded FAQ and moved all help files to Docs/