Radiant links, news, tutorials, forums & help

General Links

    - GtkRadiant start page
    - GtkRadiant Forum on MapCenter
    - q3map2 support forum
    - Download selector
    - Qeradiant.com Main Website, News and Stuff
    - Qeradiant.com File Section
    - The FAQ

Quake III Arena, Quake III: Team Arena

    - Quake 3 section on Qeradiant.com
    - Level Editing Forums on Mapcenter
    - Quake III Level Editing Forum on Quake3World
    - The BFLT .. all the Q3 editing links known to man.

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

    - Return To Castle Wolfenstein Editing Forum on PlanetWolfenstein
    - Level Editing Forums on Mapcenter

Bug reporting, testing, suggestions, flaming and developer information:

    - Zerowing: mailing lists, CVS information, test builds..
    - GtkRadiant bug tracker (bugzilla)


    - IRC #qeradiant on irc.telefragged.com


    - BobToolz - multipurpose quake3 mappers tool

    - PrtView - portal viewer plugin

    - Curry- shader preview and editing

    - Pk3Man- easy pk3 file creation

    - TexTool Documentation

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Last updated: Jan 21, 2002