2002-08-26 Dana Jansenssync with bb-cvs
2002-08-26 Dana Jansensdont limit how big a window can be resized.
2002-08-26 Marius NitaUpdate to reflect the stacked cycling additions
2002-08-26 Marius Nitaupdated to reflect the new changes in epist.[ly]
2002-08-26 Marius NitaEpist now supports stacked cycling. :D/-< :D\-<
2002-08-26 Marius NitaAdded functions for setting boolean parameters
2002-08-26 Marius NitaSlight modification to make it use the new config class...
2002-08-26 Marius NitaMade case requirements less strict (you can now have...
2002-08-26 Marius NitaNew and improved configuration management. It now handl...
2002-08-26 Dana Jansenssync with blackbox
2002-08-26 Dana Jansensdon't limit how big a window can be resized
2002-08-26 Dana Jansensunmanage desktop windows on shutdown
2002-08-26 Dana Jansensformat comment
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensinclude config.h in cc's before including openbox headers
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensconfig request with only resize honors window's gravity
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensuse the window's gravity when handling a configureReque...
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensadd recent fixes
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensadd toggleDecorations
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensactually check if a window has the function flags appro...
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensclean up the new focusing code for workspace switching
2002-08-25 Dana Jansensexplicitly set the focused window instead of waiting...
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensdont add sticky windows to the stacking list more than...
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensput !normal windows in the general client list too
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensput !normal windows in the stacking client list as...
2002-08-24 Dana Jansenstry see if this broke gnome-panel
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensadd showRoot/Workspace menu plus a blurp about Openbox...
2002-08-24 Marius NitaCapitalization fix, adding documentation for options...
2002-08-24 Marius NitaSafari_Al's patch which fixes inconsistent capitalizati...
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensdon't unmap/remap sticky windows on a workspace change...
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensput !normal windows in the screen window list
2002-08-24 Dana Jansenshandle systray apps closing..
2002-08-24 Dana Jansensdefault to line width of 0, which is more efficient...
2002-08-23 Dana Jansensuse the snap offset as the margin for placing windows...
2002-08-23 Dana Jansensdont autoraise when the window isn't going to get focus...
2002-08-23 Dana Jansensget default line width to 1, and make it a more easily...
2002-08-23 Dana Jansensgive gc's/BPen's a width
2002-08-22 Marius NitatoggleGrabs action added
2002-08-22 Marius Nitamodified focus() to accept a no-raise parameter
2002-08-22 Dana Jansensthe comment more accurate
2002-08-22 Dana Jansenss/__openbox_version/OPENBOX_VERSION
2002-08-22 Dana Jansensadding the cvsignore file for the new nls dir
2002-08-22 Dana Jansenssync with bb-cvs
2002-08-22 Dana Jansens2.1.0 is our next target
2002-08-22 Marius Nitafixed getStringValue failure case and compiler warnings
2002-08-22 Dana Jansensdont use __ for variables.. its illegal. (thanks ppl...
2002-08-22 Marius Nitafixed unsigned/signed comparison warnings
2002-08-22 Dana Jansenssupport for showing the root and workspace menu with...
2002-08-22 Dana JansenstoggleDecorations!
2002-08-21 Dana Jansenstoggledecor almost done
2002-08-21 Dana Jansensdont grab other windows while warping in opaque mode
2002-08-21 Dana Jansensdont pass an unused parameter, and return an unused...
2002-08-21 Dana Jansenswarping is ruling!
2002-08-21 Dana Jansenswarping works!
2002-08-21 Dana Jansensmaking warping work.. hopefully.
2002-08-21 Dana Jansensset a workspace and window number even for !normal...
2002-08-21 Dana Jansensadd support for the kde-override hint, making the windo...
2002-08-21 Scott Moynesadded parameter to the move windows. it defaults to 1.
2002-08-21 Scott MoyneschangeWorkspaceHorz() now cycles
2002-08-21 Scott Moynescleaned up changeWorkspaceVert() a bit
2002-08-21 Scott Moynesadded cycling to the grid stuff
2002-08-21 Scott Moynesuber patch.
2002-08-20 Dana Jansenschange how the pointer is moved.. try make this more...
2002-08-20 Dana JansensFix send to menu, having deleted workspaces in it.
2002-08-19 Dana Jansensadd -help and -version (thanks ppl)
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensfix indenting and caps
2002-08-16 Dana Jansenschange default style to mbdtex
2002-08-16 Dana Jansenschange the font to be nicer
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd the date
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensgroup next/prev commands together
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensspecify which parameters can be specifyed for cycling...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensignore the new generated manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensmention that options dont exist in epist yet
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensfix breaks/indents for the options section
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd a .br
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd a manpage for epistrc. Update the epist mapage...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensignore the generated manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensdont lose the last-focused window when all windows...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensmention epist with bbkeys
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd epist and xftlsfonts in teh see also.
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd authors for epist in manpage
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensadd manpages for epist and for xftlsfonts
2002-08-16 Scott Moynessome new functions added to the rc file
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensignore the EnterNotify for focusing when changing works...
2002-08-16 Dana Jansensset up a default rc file, and change teh user rc to...
2002-08-16 Scott MoynesAdded default rc file
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensadd xft support
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensauthors updates
2002-08-15 Dana Jansenscatch tge XFT define, from config.h
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensadd Xft support to all of the styles
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensproper scoping
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbasename() returns a string sometimes.. go shaleh....
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensno more relavent
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensfix nls' that didnt build
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensfix the ko_KR makefile so it builds
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensthis file is generated,and not supposed to eb in cvs
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbuild something when theres no xft support
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensmake sure the increments are > 0.
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensbuild epist normally, dont link in stuff it doenst...
2002-08-15 Dana Jansenscaps
2002-08-15 Dana Jansensadd the paper theme