2003-01-29 Dana Jansensmake the echo more noticable
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensmake pwd work
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensecho a message about where to find the generated docs
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensdescribe -sync better
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensadd the doxygen configuration
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensdon't manage override_redirect windows.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensallow for the client to be validated.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensmake default focus model click-focus.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensignore errors when proxying configurerequests
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensallow for ignoring x errors.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensallow for ignoring x errors.
2003-01-29 Dana Jansenslink the test apps properly
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensgive the debian pkg names
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensadd comment
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensgrab the pointer when grabbing the keyboard to discard...
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensonly ignore NotifyGrab again
2003-01-29 Dana Jansenscomment unused variable
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensrm debug print
2003-01-29 Dana Jansenssync after sending focus
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensignore more focus events, and also crossing events...
2003-01-29 Dana Jansensdestroy the list before ungrabbing
2003-01-28 Dana Jansenshandle weird cases where theres no more focused windows...
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensadd docs
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensadd comments at the top for the functions
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensstacked_cycle_popup_list done
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensfix bug in python when rming window while cycling
2003-01-28 Dana Jansenstitlebar focus in the background of the popuplist
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensadd margins, and limit title lengths
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensfocus cycling list
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensmove the font up in the file so its generated before...
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensinclude gettext.h from ../src
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensinclude gettext from ../src
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensadd version for automake
2003-01-28 Dana Jansensa little reordering.. useless really
2003-01-28 Dana JansenssetStyle in the constructor
2003-01-28 Dana Jansenssupport the aspect ratio hints in the WMNormalHints
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensfont use the same ifdefs as label.hh
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensadjust chicldren relative to self, not root
2003-01-27 Dana JansenssetStyle in the constructor of each child widget
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensrm an old stdio include
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensdescribe -DSWIG_GLOBAL
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensotk should not be including anything in src/
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensopenbox scripting works again! config too!
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensadd new shit
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensuse a built-in module to replace libswigpy
2003-01-27 Dana Jansensuse otk objects in the ob scripts by importing otk
2003-01-26 Dana Jansensnew scripts for new script structure
2003-01-25 Dana Jansensadd alt-tab to the default bindings
2003-01-25 Dana Jansensnew/better/cleaner scripting interface
2003-01-25 Dana Jansenschange include path to not include otk/
2003-01-25 Dana Jansensadd path to include
2003-01-25 Dana Jansensremove these at last
2003-01-25 Derek ForemanAdded diagonal and crossdiagonal gradients
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensinclude widgetbase not widget
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd some design ideas for a glue layer between the...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansenssome intermediate stage. stacked focus cycling is very...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensallow python to grab the keyboard. have release events...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd all teh steps
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd instructions for CVS compiling
2003-01-24 Dana Jansenswrapper changes
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensdont focus on A-Left
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensput back the font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensfix a comment
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensbold non-shadowed font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansenssmaller, non-bold font
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensdon't make dock type windows auto-omni-present.
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd printf for when a window requests its desktop
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensadd an UrgentNotify callback type. fire it when a windo...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansenswatch for multiple map requests on the same window...
2003-01-24 Dana Jansensout with the blackbox source
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensrm all the bb shit
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the old blackbox bullshit
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenswrap around right for focus cycling
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanAdded color reduction for 16bpp displays
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensblef
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenskeep a list of clients in the order that they have...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensbe smart about skipping focusing a window from unmap...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove client_buttons
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenscleanups for how we display iconic state in the hints...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensuse the proper screen area, which excludes area taken...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensmake docks and desktops always on all desktops
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensput this back mostly.
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensmake A-1 mouse focus
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensthose adds werent a mistake.. :P
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensadd iconifying!!!!
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensadd comment, and reformat
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensmaprequests do not come here once the window is managed...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove unused old handlers
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensput back the background
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenscycling by any number of windows
2003-01-23 Dana Jansenslinear focus cycling
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensset the root window, to a color for now
2003-01-23 Derek Foremanfixed incredibly embarassing cut'n'paste error in highlight
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanFixed corners of bevels
2003-01-23 Derek ForemanAdded bevels
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the word "sticky" from everywhere, and replace...
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensmake the 'toggle all desktops' button work
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensadd decor_sticky to the default decorations list
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove the border on the handle
2003-01-23 Dana Jansensremove debug printfs