2004-05-06 Mikael Magnussonpatch to fix some xft linking
2004-04-26 Mikael Magnussonhooray for translations of the right program
2004-04-23 Mikael Magnussonrussian translation added
2004-04-22 Mikael Magnussonhohoho
2004-04-22 Mikael Magnusson*** empty log message ***
2004-04-22 Mikael Magnussonsomething like this maybe
2004-04-17 Mikael Magnussonon second thought, don't change the default behaviour...
2004-04-17 Mikael Magnusson3.2
2004-04-17 Mikael Magnussonlies
2004-04-17 Mikael Magnussonstuff
2004-04-10 Mikael Magnussonthis goes away by popular request (focus_order_to_botto...
2004-04-06 Mikael Magnussonblef
2004-04-05 Mikael Magnusson'Unnamed Desktop' is the most useless text to put on...
2004-04-01 Mikael Magnussonno more april's fool (and also committed a bit too...
2004-03-31 Mikael Magnussonthese two changes make the text a lot more readable
2004-03-31 Mikael Magnussonshow parents title in alt-tab popup for titleless trans...
2004-03-31 Mikael Magnussonokay, so maybe i should try compiling things. lets...
2004-03-30 Mikael Magnussonthis is not so nice
2004-03-30 Mikael Magnussonnothing to see here, move along
2004-03-29 Mikael Magnussonokay, found three strings marked with _() but not in...
2004-03-29 Mikael Magnussonblef
2004-03-29 Mikael Magnussonthis is hard to get right
2004-03-29 Mikael Magnussonben is no more
2004-03-28 Mikael Magnussonallow the coordspopup to move to all xinerama screens
2004-03-28 Mikael Magnussonadded spanish translation i think
2004-03-27 Mikael Magnussonthis file is so old it's scary
2004-03-27 Mikael Magnusson*** empty log message ***
2004-03-27 Mikael Magnussonaction toggledockautohide to toggle if the dock autohides
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonforgot
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussontwo hands raised, keepBorder added to <theme> section
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussontake numbers as args for the popup options too
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonthat looked a bit silly
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussoninclude config.h
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonsometimes you have to declare variables too
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonupdate copyright notices
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonpasted that a bit too far down yesterday
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussondefault menus to sane style
2004-03-21 Mikael MagnussonMod3 = M
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonlimit the size popup to the screen, maybe this doesnt...
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonyay no tabs in the source
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonadds option to have the popup centered above the window...
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussoncomments for life
2004-03-21 Mikael Magnussonif this works, i will be amazed. <resize><popupShow...
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussontypo fix a comment
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonfix reversed variable name and add a little comment...
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonsome nice options for the menus, warpPointer, xorStyle...
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonfullscreen overrides aspect hints (because i say so)
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonraise your hand if you liked the onepixel border and...
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonalert windows can be titleless, maybe all titleless...
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussondid anyone use this?
2004-03-20 Mikael Magnussonwhitespace changes
2004-03-18 Mikael Magnussonthe old event code
2004-02-25 Mikael Magnussonthis might fix focusLast which was previously borken...
2004-02-24 Mikael Magnussonadd back the focusLast option for the "i lost count...
2004-02-24 Mikael Magnussonhopefully fix some stuff with kde tray icons
2004-02-20 Mikael Magnussonon second thought, i might do some developing
2004-02-19 Mikael Magnussonadd setting <desktops><firstdesk>num<//> to set which...
2004-02-19 Mikael Magnussonthis will be exciting
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensadd recent changes openbox-3_1-RELEASE
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensadd ja
2003-12-22 Dana Jansens3.1
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensdont persist the linear state, not sure why i did it...
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensclosed 881
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensdont have glib reap children, we shall reap them instea...
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensrecent changes
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensdont make our frame windows override-redirect, so that...
2003-12-22 Dana Jansenswhitespace
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensadd recent changes
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensadd japanese translation
2003-12-22 Dana Jansenss/guint/gboolean/ oops
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensdon't use action_run_string in action.c, pass along...
2003-12-22 Dana Jansensmake all dialog typed windows transient for their group...
2003-11-11 Dana Jansensdont scale images to 0 px wide or tall
2003-11-11 Dana Jansensuse g_snprintf instead of sprintf
2003-11-11 Dana Jansensdont go changing the session file all the time, and...
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensrecent changes
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensremove the debian menu file
2003-10-27 Dana Jansens3.0 time
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensdist the version.h.in not the version.h
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensadd version.h
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensadd version info the library headers
2003-10-27 Dana Jansensdisable the "Go there" menu entry when its the current...
2003-10-27 Dana Jansenswas setting NULL incorrectly to cancel actions and...
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensg_strerror
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensuse gpointer for void*
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensg_getenv fix, it returns const char*. use gpointer...
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensuse g_getenv
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensoops typo of doom
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensuse g_[s]list_next/previous consistantly, and check...
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensshow a message if chdir() fails
2003-10-25 Dana Jansenscapitalization consistency
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensfree the GErrror
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensfree the GError
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensmuch improved functions for maknig directories, props...
2003-10-25 Dana Jansensavoid duplicates in the path lists
2003-10-23 Dana Jansensskip taskbar windows dont appear in the client menu
2003-10-18 Dana Jansensdont use the parent's title in the focus cycling dialog
2003-10-18 Dana Jansensassert that add_new is not making a duplicate entry
2003-10-18 Dana Jansensadd to teh focus order before the call to change_state...
2003-10-18 Dana Jansensallow parents of transients to be focus cycled to