2003-09-15 Dana Jansensoops backwarsd
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensdont use continue
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensremove blank line
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensallow more than one timer to work at a time
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensallow more than one timer to process at a time
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensapply gravity to the chosen coords, bound the undermous...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensalways use smart placement, add under-mouse placement...
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensdont count !normal clients for placement
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensadded smart placement
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensuse the new RECT_LEFT/RIGHT/TOP/BOTTOM for clarity
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensadd some interesection shit, and RECT_LEFT/RIGHT/TOP...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansenskill the padding in the menu title
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont raise parents of transients when the transient...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix 2 mem leaks
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensinstall the openbox.png pixmap icon
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensadjust the themes for the frames before everything...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont redraw the frames when changing their theme
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensremove the x event handler
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont bother fucking everythign up when the desktops...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix mem leak
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensupdate the menus before putting them in the visible...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix a mem leak, and make suer the menus arent visible...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix mem leak, remove teh ice watch handler
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix mem leak
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensadd the .png version of the icon.h
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont impose staying on-screen for non-normal windows...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensadd a default icon made by merry.
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensmove moveresize_startup/shutdown so its between its...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensonly sopt moveresize when shutting down
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensremove debug print
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensstop any moveresizes on shutdown
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont need libtool doing dlopen capable libs
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensuse the values passed to the function
2003-09-14 Dana Jansenscode style
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfree XImages
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdestroy 'pat' always
2003-09-14 Dana JansensX allocs more bytes than i thought, new algo to pick...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensdont waste a strdup which is never freed
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix a memory leak in the mainloop timers correctly
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfix a memory leak in the mainloop timers
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensnew popups with subclasses, added an ObIconPopup for...
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensadd app_(un)hilite_fg, which is never parentrelative
2003-09-12 Dana Jansenswasted variable
2003-09-12 Dana Jansenshandle parentrel app labels, by using the title's textu...
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensbetter more valid C
2003-09-12 Dana Jansens80 cols
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensstart the session shit, and grab the params before...
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensadd support for a default icon, but no icon has been...
2003-09-12 Dana Jansensallow building of static libs
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensframe context fallbacks when there is no binding on...
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensrequested update from safarial
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensmake menu hiding-on-release based on a timer rather...
2003-09-10 Dana Jansenss/milli/micro/
2003-09-10 Dana Jansenshide menus before showing a new menu root
2003-09-10 Dana Jansenskeep menus taller than the screen from jittering. also...
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensdistribute the .pc.in files
2003-09-10 Dana Jansenssave the new glist!
2003-09-10 Dana Jansenswhen the client for an interactive action is closed...
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensuse the current size not the start size for moving
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensuse the focus client when the client is null for keyboa...
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensoops, copypaste
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensdont deref the client before checking for null
2003-09-10 Dana Jansensuse theme.show_handle
2003-09-09 Dana Jansensmore changes
2003-09-09 Dana Jansenssave teh client for interactive actions cuz after teh...
2003-09-09 Dana Jansensbeta2
2003-09-09 Dana Jansensrecent changes
2003-09-09 Dana Jansensno more interactive mouse actions, they are evil etc...
2003-09-09 Dana Jansensno mouse interactive actions. no bugs.
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensremove debug prints
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensallow a padding.width of 0
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenswarn about the right shit
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensremove comment that isnt right anymore
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensbigtime theme changes. bigtime.
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensexpose focus_cycle_client
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensact on the visibly focused window when that differs...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensround 2 for this shit
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensflush after resizing a client
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensif the client is growing, resize it before the frame...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenswatch for windows with titlecounts changing their title...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensoops
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenssome simpler code
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensgrab the pointer befoer shading a window to prevent...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensdont reset all the states to FALSE in client_get_state...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensoops missed a capitalization
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensadd obconf to the menu
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensflush after drawing each menu item
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenstimeouts are all in millisecond
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensif the menu path starts with a /, then just load it...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensfix autohiding
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensdont modify the time from the config parser
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensmake both focusDelay and hideTimeout in milliseconds
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensfix crash when reconfigure changes the stacking layer...
2003-09-08 Dana Jansenscapitalize mouse actions
2003-09-08 Dana Jansensmove windows around before removing the focus order...
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensobconf is moving into its own tree
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensdont use obsolete xmlChildrenNode
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensadd my email address
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensremove obconf from this tree.
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensxflush after rendering