made all the gradients work with integer math. removed the pipecross and rectangle...
[dana/openbox.git] / render / test.c
2003-06-24 Dana Jansensmade all the gradients work with integer math. removed...
2003-06-24 Dana Jansensinteger math for gradients. horz vert and diags and...
2003-06-20 Dana Jansensthis is going to break the kernel/ building.
2003-06-20 Dana Jansenssimply the render interface by not requiring the settin...
2003-06-20 Dana Jansensremove non-planar surfaces
2003-05-25 Derek Foremanall grads done
2003-05-25 Derek Foremanpipecross
2003-05-25 Derek Foremanrectangle and diagonal grads yay
2003-05-25 Derek Foremangl is starting. it's gonna get really ugly really...
2003-05-22 Derek Foremanfix cut'n'paste bug
2003-05-18 Derek ForemanPipeCross
2003-05-18 Derek Foremanwhatever, it's a junk file.
2003-03-28 Derek Foremanmoved paint's arguments into the appearance struct
2003-03-23 Dana Jansensgl aint used yet
2003-03-21 Dana Jansensadd strict ansi compliance
2003-03-17 Derek Foremanmore changes wrt passing x, y, w, h to render
2003-03-16 Dana Jansensmerge the C branch into HEAD