Merge branch 'wip/alttab'
[dana/openbox.git] / render / render.c
2008-02-07 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'wip/alttab'
2008-02-07 Dana Jansensallow font rendering to use multiple lines
2008-02-07 Dana Jansensyou can create dialog windows called "prompts" which...
2008-02-03 Mikael MagnussonMake the icon and hilite the proper sizes.
2007-07-17 Mikael Magnussonremove trailing whitespace
2007-06-13 Dana Jansensdon't alloc/free colors every time splitvertical is...
2007-06-10 Dana Jansensmake bevel strengths theme-selectable
2007-06-04 Mikael Magnussonallow effects on parentrelative textures, ie bevels...
2007-05-20 Dana Jansensfix rendering argb textures on solid backgrounds
2007-05-19 Dana Jansenssave some malloc when possible
2007-05-19 Dana Jansensnew focus cycle popup of doom
2007-05-12 Dana Jansensbuild fixes
2007-05-07 Dana Jansenspopups fixes. if the text for the popup is empty now...
2007-05-02 Dana Jansenssmall change to the render API. RrMinsize became RrMinS...
2007-04-23 Dana Jansens1) translate all of openbox's output
2007-03-08 Dana JansensFix possible crashingness, from last commit.
2007-03-07 Dana JansensSplit RrPaint to RrPaint and RrPaintPixmap, so you...
2007-03-05 Dana Jansensscary commit..but here goes.
2007-03-04 Dana Jansensmoving shadow information out of the themes, and into...
2006-11-15 Mikael Magnusson80 cols
2006-08-22 Mikael Magnussonupdate copyright step 2
2006-08-20 Mikael Magnussonuseless *
2006-08-20 Mikael Magnussonpatch from thorsten vollmer to fix bug #2506, interlace...
2006-08-19 Mikael Magnussonfix some warnings from -Wall
2006-08-03 Mikael Magnussoncan't call ob_debug from libobrender...
2006-08-03 Mikael Magnussonmaybe fix some stuff, i dunno
2006-06-11 Mikael Magnussonfix two memleaks
2006-03-14 Mikael Magnussonmake reverse_bits static
2006-03-14 Mikael Magnussonfix 1bit bitmaps on msbfirst architectures + some inden...
2005-07-15 Mikael Magnussonfix the dpi stuff with pango by reading the right ascen...
2003-10-15 Dana Jansensconsistant glib type usage
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensno tabs
2003-09-17 Dana Jansensadd copyright headers, adjust --version output to inclu...
2003-09-14 Dana Jansensfree XImages
2003-09-04 Dana Jansensnew scaling based on the Bresenham algorithm
2003-09-03 Dana Jansensprovide a function to give the margins for an appearance
2003-09-03 Dana Jansenswe use the offsets we get from the server, we should...
2003-09-02 Dana Jansensremove debug print
2003-09-01 Dana Jansensi rul.. at typos..
2003-09-01 Dana Jansenscopy/free the new interlaced color
2003-08-31 Dana Jansensadd RrColorGC
2003-08-28 Dana Jansensfree rgba texture caches
2003-08-23 Dana Jansensformatting
2003-08-23 Dana Jansens80 cols
2003-08-23 Dana Jansensstupid function name die
2003-08-01 Dana Jansensmove the dekstop file to data/
2003-07-24 Dana Jansensspace
2003-07-23 Dana Jansensinit the parent shit in the surface when making a copy
2003-07-11 Dana Jansensremoved the RrEndian so using LSBFirst always now....
2003-07-10 Dana Jansensremove rependancy on geom.h from the kernel, provide...
2003-06-26 Dana Jansensread fonts and titlebar layout from theme files
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensalways create the bg pixmap, X seems to not like it...
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing with Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing with Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing with Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing with Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing with Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensmore namespacing to Rr*
2003-06-21 Dana Jansensrename pixel32/16 to RrPixel32/16
2003-06-20 Dana Jansensthis is going to break the kernel/ building.
2003-06-20 Dana Jansenssimply the render interface by not requiring the settin...
2003-06-20 Dana Jansensremove non-planar surfaces
2003-05-25 Derek Foremangl is starting. it's gonna get really ugly really...
2003-05-22 Derek Foremanremoved a piece of code I suspect has never been run
2003-05-22 Derek Foremankeep XVisualInfo around in preparation for opengl stuff
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensput the devation back how it used to be, it aws definat...
2003-05-20 Dana Jansensremove the elliptic gradient type.
2003-05-18 Dana Jansensmake icons use pixel32 data, and image_draw takes pixel...
2003-05-18 Dana Jansens2 in 1 deal :\
2003-05-09 Dana Jansensall my changes while i was offline.
2003-04-27 Dana Jansensfix window icon rendering, was using incorrect size.
2003-04-15 Dana Jansensmake minsize take int*'s not a Size*
2003-04-14 Dana Jansensshrink the area that the textures are rendered into...
2003-04-13 Dana Jansensallow freeing NULL appearances
2003-04-06 Dana Jansensifndef NOT IFNDEF GAH
2003-04-06 Derek ForemanFix reduce color depth to not use original data
2003-04-06 Dana Jansensadd stdlib.h for exit()
2003-04-06 Dana Jansensadd function to give the minimum size of an appearance...
2003-04-06 Derek Foremanadded superb pseudo-color (8bpp) support
2003-04-02 Dana Jansenswill seg again
2003-04-02 Dana Jansensstop copying. still segfault?
2003-04-02 Dana Jansensfind the right offset in the source data for parent...
2003-04-02 Derek Foremanlet there be parentrelative
2003-03-28 Derek Foremanmoved paint's arguments into the appearance struct
2003-03-28 Derek Foremanfix draw order in x_paint
2003-03-28 Derek Foremanblack. not white. oops
2003-03-28 Derek Foremanblack for parentrelative so we can test icons
2003-03-26 Derek Foremanadd rgba icon support
2003-03-26 Derek Foremanadd a Rect to the textures for positioning them
2003-03-23 Dana Jansensadd more size checks
2003-03-21 Dana Jansensadd strict ansi compliance
2003-03-19 Derek Foremanadded depth reduction and startup for true color visuals
2003-03-19 Dana Jansensfree the right pixel data yay!
2003-03-19 Dana Jansensfree the pixel data
2003-03-19 Dana Jansenscan fit on one line
2003-03-19 Dana Jansensinitialize texture to NULL if theres no textures. use...
2003-03-17 Dana Jansenspass the x,y,w,h to font_draw.
2003-03-17 Derek Foremansolids should now work with offsets
2003-03-17 Derek Foremanmore random pokery
2003-03-17 Derek Foremaneither offsets work, or I've broken lots of things.