new authors. this is how we dooo iiiit...
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2003-01-19 Dana Jansensuse arrays instead of vectors for the screeninfos and...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensreorder how theyre destroyed, probably doesnt matter...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensprovide RenderControls to all otk from the display...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensuse a bitshift on the rgb values instead of a color...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensadd new shit
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensadd a new texture and style class
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensstarting to make render's interface
2003-01-18 Dana Jansenscolors are back
2003-01-18 Dana Jansens*** empty log message ***
2003-01-18 Dana Jansenssurface started
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensrenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensblef
2003-01-18 Dana Jansenschange the render() interface
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensset the background pixmap
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensblef
2003-01-18 Derek Foreman.cvsignore is a cvs meta file that tells cvs not to...
2003-01-18 Dana Jansenscompiles
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensfuc put it back
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensmove render()
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensstart of new render code
2003-01-18 Dana Jansensuse otk::Property properly, and the right atoms
2003-01-17 Dana Jansensinclude all the required libs
2003-01-17 Dana Jansenscorrect a comment
2003-01-17 Dana Jansensadd new actions from the ewmh spec
2003-01-17 Dana Jansensadd commented code for future maybe
2003-01-17 Dana Jansensadd comment for bugfix
2003-01-17 Dana Jansensdon't use XMoveResize, it doesn't work for StaticGravit...
2003-01-16 Dana Jansensuse otk::Property to get the atom values
2003-01-16 Dana Jansensredo otk::Property. make it static.
2003-01-16 Dana Jansensrm old bb shit that we dont use
2003-01-16 Dana Jansensmake an optional bool param for ustring's other constru...
2003-01-16 Dana Jansensmake an optional bool param for ustring's default const...
2003-01-15 Dana Jansensextern "C" the C headers
2003-01-15 Dana Jansensadd headers for select()
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensuse the better defines for the xft version
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensdisplay the build version as well as the runtime versio...
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensno long used with our Timer-ng!
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensdont need unistd for gettimeofday
2003-01-14 Dana Jansensotk::Timer-ng!! thanks ManMower for this shizznit!
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensuse the byte size for utf strings, not the character...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensmove the utf8_skip table into the .cc
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensfix some bugs where looked up wrong offsets for charact...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensset the ustring's utf type so that it matches what...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensset the global display var
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensadd ustring.i which wraps otk::ustring for to/from...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensun-static otk::Display. add an operator* to it. make...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensustring seems to be working! yay!
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensalmost done the ustring conversion
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensotk using ustring for shit that draws. expended its...
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensmore conversion to ustring. added more members
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensrm old comment
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensproper code style
2003-01-13 Dana Jansenssetup the locale on the X server on start
2003-01-13 Dana Jansensbegin conversion to ustring. add some more members.
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensmore shit
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensstart on otk::ustring (unicode/utf8)
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensremove userstring
2003-01-12 Dana Jansenss/atom_hh/property_hh
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensdefault to drawing as utf8
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensput userstring in otk::
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensuse "userstring" for all user viewable strings
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensadd 'userstring', a std::string with a flag for UTF-8
2003-01-12 Dana Jansensignore focus changes from grabs always.
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensdont need 2 of these comments
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensworkaround for swig problem
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensrm prefixes for all elements in the otk namepsace
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensadd \n's to errors
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensvalgrind fixes, and fixes for writing shit all over...
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensrm debug prints
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensrm debug shit
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensbroken to all hell. oh no.
2003-01-11 Dana Jansensmake compiling 'work' with XINERAMA. it doesnt do anyth...
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensadd the BUTTONSDIR define
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensload buttons from the global dir if they arent found...
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensget the xft version from the library instead of from...
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensundefine the scriptdir, thats not where will...
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensdont build the otk wrappers for now
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensdont install for now
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensstop including otk in the openbox module. makes the...
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensadd a header for including everything for otk
2003-01-10 Dana Jansenstyposnsuch
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensinstall the shadow wrappers
2003-01-10 Dana Jansensadd the shadow class wrappers
2003-01-09 Dana Jansensnew python callbacks data, infrastructure. going to...
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensignore much fewer focus events. only ignore focusout...
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensignore focus events from grabs
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensrm _focus, its no longer used
2003-01-08 Dana Jansenshandle focus events SOO much more simply. and it works...
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensrework focus event handling. does it basically like...
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensrm old debug printfs
2003-01-08 Dana Jansensmake focus work without races.
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensstop compressing enter/leave events.. this might be...
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensignore the right about of unmap notifies
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensin synch mode, chew up 100% cpu, cuz we cant select...
2003-01-07 Dana Jansenshandle unmaps better. all thanks to acroread sending...
2003-01-07 Dana Jansenssend config req's to the master too
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensabort() on X errors that aren't BadWindow errors
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensuse client messages to switch desktops/move windows...
2003-01-07 Dana Jansensadd comment for findScreen
2003-01-07 Dana Jansenssupply python routines for next/prev workspace