use the sm_client_id in the client struct
[dana/openbox.git] / openbox / session.c
2003-09-15 Dana Jansensuse the sm_client_id in the client struct
2003-09-07 Dana Jansensdont use obsolete xmlChildrenNode
2003-09-04 Dana Jansensmove session code out of openbox.c all into session.c
2003-09-02 Dana Jansensremove debug prints
2003-08-28 Dana Jansensload menu plugins automatically from whats in the menu...
2003-08-25 Dana Jansensblef
2003-08-25 Dana Jansenstype change
2003-08-25 Dana Jansensmake --disable-session-management work i think
2003-08-25 Dana Jansenssave the stacking order of the windows, and sort the...
2003-08-01 Dana Jansenscompile fixes
2003-07-31 Dana Jansenskill some output
2003-07-31 Dana Jansensdeclare functions that are needed when built without...
2003-07-31 Dana Jansensuse the new sm_client_id function so all windows who...
2003-07-30 Dana Jansensrestore saved session data for applications
2003-07-28 Dana Jansensset teh clone comamnd
2003-07-28 Dana Jansensuse char not a long, since we're telling the SM that...
2003-07-28 Dana Jansenssave the commands on startup
2003-07-28 Dana Jansensuse the path properly for the session file
2003-07-28 Dana Jansensuse teh save file not the session id
2003-07-24 Dana Jansenssave and load the session save file, though its data...