Merge branch 'backport'
[dana/openbox.git] / openbox / actions / growtoedge.c
2007-12-18 Mikael MagnussonMerge branch 'backport'
2007-10-03 Mikael MagnussonAdd complementing ShrinkToEdge action.
2007-09-04 Mikael MagnussonANSI function declarations, ie () -> (void)
2007-08-05 Dana JansensMerge branch 'backport'
2007-08-04 Dana Jansensmake growtoedge shrink if it cyan grow any more
2007-07-19 Dana Jansensfix growtoedge so it doesn't move terminal windows...
2007-07-11 Mikael Magnussonfix the remaining reversed actions_client_move
2007-07-10 Dana Jansensgrow to edge works again, using the new edge detection...
2007-06-28 Dana Jansensrewrote the movetoedge code so it works with both types...
2007-06-23 Dana Jansensadd the growtoedge action