missed a func
[dana/obconf.git] / src /
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensmissed a func
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensmove install.[ch] to theme.[ch]
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensyay for splitting to functions. code is now not ugly
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensmore splitting to functions
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensmissing a var
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensput some code in a function
2007-05-29 Dana Jansenschdir back to the curdir after extracting
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensyay for macros. code cleanup extraordinaire
2007-05-29 Dana Jansenslet you install theme archives
2007-05-29 Dana Jansensadd a dialog to install a theme. it doesnt do anything...
2007-05-27 Dana Jansenschange the text for focusLast
2007-05-26 Dana Jansenschange an accel key
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensdeclare variables at the top. gcc2 compat.
2007-05-25 Dana Jansenschange accelerators
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensadd focusLast option
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensfix layout of appearance tab
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensless code duplication
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensdon't use "normal" in the gtk font string
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensthe todo is all done i think
2007-05-25 Dana Jansenstry again
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensonly set as many desktop names as we have to
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensupdate copyright years, and add a makefile for src dir
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensadd obconf.gladep tht glade makes
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensadd strings.c that glade generates
2007-05-25 Dana Jansensfirst add of obconf stuff. probably missing a lot still