2003-01-06 Bradley Belldocumentations
2003-01-03 Bradley Bellremove old files
2003-01-03 Bradley Bellformatting
2003-01-03 Bradley Bellattempt to make read_model_file bigendian-friendly
2003-01-03 Bradley Bellmove vertigo text
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellcleanup alignment changes
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellfix alignment issues on sparc
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellupdate cvs info
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellnews
2003-01-02 Bradley Bellmake rle_swap handle RLE_BIG
2003-01-01 Bradley Bellworkaround solaris qsort bug
2003-01-01 Bradley Bellenabled kali
2003-01-01 Bradley Bellenabled linux joystick, kali
2003-01-01 Bradley Bellenabled linux joystick
2002-12-31 Bradley Bellsimplified warning msg
2002-12-31 Bradley Bellcomments/whitespace
2002-12-31 Bradley Bellfix compiler warning
2002-12-31 Bradley Bellfixed rle_swap leaks, thanks to martin schaffner
2002-12-24 Bradley Bellfixes an infinite loop which was caused by d2x thinking...
2002-12-24 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings, courtesy of
2002-12-24 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-10-30 Bradley Belladd help for -hogdir option
2002-10-30 Bradley Belladded -hogdir option
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellenabled Vertigo displays
2002-10-28 Bradley Belltypo
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellsimplify and eliminate redundant swap macros. maschaffn...
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellfix infinite loop in quad_sqrt. courtesy of Martin...
2002-10-28 Bradley Bellsparc/sunos support: rename quad to quadint. courtesy...
2002-10-12 Bradley Bellhandle BM_OGL in gr_scanline()
2002-10-11 Bradley Bellmake hud_message work correctly
2002-10-11 Bradley Bellenable -nofade
2002-10-11 Bradley Bellformatting, small fixes
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellno swap_object for little-endian
2002-10-10 Bradley Belluse macros to simplify network endian conversion
2002-10-10 Bradley Belldisable autodetect of mac pig (use --enable-macdata...
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellenable loading screen for mac shareware with -nohires
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellcomments
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellremove shareware build, add macdata build
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-10-10 Bradley Bellenable TRANSPARENCY_COLOR for assembly
2002-10-04 Bradley Bellcomments, formatting, etc. courtesy of Martin Schaffner...
2002-10-04 Bradley Bellfix bigendian iff loading, courtesy of Martin Schaffner...
2002-10-03 Bradley Belltypo
2002-10-03 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-09-19 Bradley Bellfix a oops, add old logs
2002-09-19 Bradley Bellsupport for >3 mouse buttons
2002-09-18 Bradley Bellfix palette swap define
2002-09-14 Bradley Bellload hires briefing screen if lores doesn't exist ...
2002-09-14 Bradley Bellpack some structures for ipx compatibility - courtesy...
2002-09-14 Bradley Bellrevert cfgets() and load_endlevel_data() to expect...
2002-09-07 Bradley Belladded error message
2002-09-07 Bradley Bellenable -nohires with mac shareware
2002-09-07 Bradley Bellenable 0/255 palette swap
2002-09-07 Bradley Bellenable 0/255 palette swap for fonts
2002-09-07 Bradley Belladd TRANSPARENCY_COLOR to assembly code, nother OGL fix
2002-09-07 Bradley Bellfix ogl blooper
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellbetter just do it the old way
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellneed string.h for strcasecmp
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellokay, maybe it needs to be this way
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmore stuff from d2src, mostly formatting
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmore stuff from d2src
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmore stuff from d2src, formatting
2002-09-05 Bradley Belluseless cruft
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmore stuff from d2src
2002-09-05 Bradley Bellmoved gr_linear_movsd assembly from grdef.h to bitblt.c
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings, #ifdef out dos-only code
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellgr_linear_movsd isn't static for NO_ASM, obviously
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellwe want the mac ibitblt for everything but dos and...
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellthese stubs not needed (vga code ifdefd out
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellthese routines are in tmerge.c
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellenable credits for mac and oem data
2002-09-04 Bradley Belluse either exit.ham or exit.pofs
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellenable some more code from d2src
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellenable mac ubitblt_double
2002-09-04 Bradley Belladded gr_rle_expand_scanline_generic_masked from d2src
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellmoved some inline asm from linear.h
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellbrought in line with original d2 version
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellreverted to original d2 version of this file, then...
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellformatting, use __MSDOS__ instead of __DJGPP__
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellmoved these back to their original locations (bitblt...
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellclose some memory holes, speed up palette loading
2002-09-04 Bradley Belladded fullscreen toggle while playing movies
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellcomment out -superhires help text (always on)
2002-09-04 Bradley Belladded approx_fsec_to_usec macro
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellfix compiler warning
2002-09-01 Bradley Belloops
2002-09-01 Bradley Bellmore movie improvements
2002-09-01 Bradley Belladded timer_delay, faster timer_get_fixed_seconds
2002-09-01 Bradley Belltodo
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellmovie improvements
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellnetwork endian stuff
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellfast file i/o for font headers
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellunused file
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellformatting, bigendian networking fixes
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellmake net menu more accurate, also make superhires always on
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellbetter to have __pack__ all the time, I think. needed...
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellwin32 networking backtrack
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellunused file