Disabled shading of flat (non-textured) polygons. Fixes laser and plasma lighting...
[btb/d2x.git] / ui /
2005-03-05 Chris Tayloruse PhysicsFS in file.c, involves modifying the listbox...
2005-03-05 Chris Taylorno error message if changing directory fails (PhysicsFS...
2005-03-05 Chris Tayloruse qsort and file_sort_func instead of file_sort
2005-02-27 Chris Taylorno critical error handler (not used by PhysicsFS)
2005-02-27 Chris Taylorcall gr_update in event loops
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse cfile to read the menubar file MED.MNU
2005-02-26 Chris Taylorhandle characters > 128 correctly
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse cfile for reading in keypad files
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse d_free instead of free
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse d_strdup instead of strdup
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse d_malloc instead of malloc
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloronly disable the keyboard for MS DOS
2005-02-26 Chris Taylorno unnecessarily including MS DOS headers
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerspecify int type for state2_alt_down
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnercomment out uses of mouse_set_limits and mouse_set_pos
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffneruse unsigned char when comparing to > 127
2005-01-25 Martin SchaffnerInstallErrorHandler() no longer exists, don't use it...
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffners/inputbox/Inputbox/
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffneruse timer_get_fixed_seconds instead of TICKER macro
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnermake ui_barbox_update return void
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerpass int*, not short* to gr_get_string_size
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerinclude u_mem.h and pstypes.h instead of d1-style mem...
2004-12-21 Bradley BellSpecify that two functions return void.
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellfix ui Makefile.am
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellinclude conf.h in new editor files
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellifdef RCS for rcsid
2004-12-19 Bradley Belladded Makefile.am for ui
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellmoved unused/ui to ui