merged endlevel stuff to non-shareware, more fast i/o macros, use global Piggy_hamfil...
[btb/d2x.git] / misc /
2002-08-02 Bradley Belljunk
2002-07-29 Bradley BellPortability - OS X support
2002-07-26 Bradley Belloops
2002-07-26 Bradley Belloops
2002-07-26 Bradley Bellportable file i/o utils
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellunused file
2002-07-23 Bradley Bellmake strdup part of mem_* library
2002-07-22 Bradley Bellunused file
2002-07-16 Bradley Bellbetter strrev
2002-02-23 Bradley Bellmoved includes to include
2002-02-11 Bradley Belldon't use d1x.ini
2002-01-18 Bradley Bellformatting
2001-11-14 Bradley Bellchange __ENV_WINDOWS__ to __WINDOWS__, __ENV_MSDOS__...
2001-11-09 Bradley Belluse d2x.ini for option file
2001-11-05 Bradley BellChange args_init back to InitArgs
2001-11-02 Bradley Bellremove byteswap.h (duplicate header)
2001-11-02 Bradley Bellfix swapint, swapshort macros, get rid of functions
2001-11-01 Bradley Bellremoved duplicate header
2001-10-25 Bradley Bellformatting fix
2001-10-19 Bradley BellPartial application of linux/alpha patch. Courtesy...
2001-10-19 Bradley BellChanged __ENV_LINUX__ to __linux__
2001-10-12 Bradley BellChanged __ENV_DJGPP__ to __DJGPP__, since it's built-in.
2001-10-12 Bradley BellSwitched from Cygwin to mingw32 on MS boxes. Vastly...
2001-01-31 Bradley BellMakefile and conf.h fixes
2001-01-30 Bradley BellCygwin support, using SDL.
2001-01-24 Bradley Bellimproved automake config. make dist, VPATH builds...
2001-01-24 Bradley Bellcruft removal
2001-01-24 Bradley Bellchanged args_find to FindArg
2001-01-22 Bradley Bellconfiguration fixes
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...