draw all gauges properly when using the cockpit in d2x-gl, including the energy bars...
[btb/d2x.git] / main /
2005-08-13 Chris Taylordraw all gauges properly when using the cockpit in...
2005-08-07 Chris Taylorget the cockpit to show with d2x-gl (actually committed!)
2005-08-06 Chris Taylorprint the command line help properly
2005-08-06 Chris Taylormust_free_canvas isn't used when AUTOMAP_DIRECT_RENDER...
2005-08-02 Chris Taylorremove DirectDraw use and Windows mouse stuff made...
2005-07-30 Chris Taylorremove pixel double code
2005-07-30 Chris Taylorremove all the redundant Polygon Acceleration stuff...
2005-07-30 Chris Taylorremove old _3DFX code
2005-07-30 Chris Taylorremove all the redundant Polygon Acceleration stuff...
2005-07-29 Chris Tayloronly shoot when fire button down (fix bug #2271)
2005-07-28 Chris Taylorshow gauges in SDL (help fix bug #2267)
2005-07-25 Chris Tayloravoid assignments between sbyte * and char *, ubyte...
2005-07-25 Chris Taylorno checking if obj->id > -1 (it's unsigned)
2005-07-25 Chris Taylorcast some fprintf arguments to int, to fix warnings
2005-07-24 Chris Taylormain/bmread.c: call file static var 'time' 'play_time...
2005-07-22 Chris Taylorremove duplicate tmap_xlate_table
2005-07-21 Chris Taylorfix pointer mismatches, warnings are errors again
2005-07-03 Chris Tayloradd ui_radio_set_value, draw an "O" in the current...
2005-07-01 Chris Tayloradd ui_checkbox_check
2005-06-22 Chris Tayloruse PhysicsFS for saving levels
2005-06-22 Chris Tayloradd function for converting descent 2 texture numbers...
2005-06-22 Chris Tayloradd level component saving functions which use PhysicsFS
2005-06-22 Chris Taylorload .rl2 files instead of .lvl files
2005-06-14 Chris Taylormake sure there is a path to free for D2 Demo/OEM
2005-06-13 Chris Taylorconvert_d1_tmap_num now returns 193 for texture number...
2005-04-05 Bradley Bellfix some bugs in joystick initialization
2005-04-04 Bradley Bellcosmetic fixes to joystick config screen
2005-04-04 Bradley Bellchange MAX_BUTTONS to JOY_MAX_BUTTONS
2005-04-04 Bradley Belldon't use hardcoded descriptions of joystick buttons...
2005-04-01 Chris Taylorset Highest_vertex_index and Highest_segment_index...
2005-04-01 Chris Taylor"Go to Main Menu" now works in editor
2005-03-31 Chris Taylorno using TmapList, initialise texture category globals...
2005-03-31 Chris Taylorremove ObjType, ObjId, ObjStrength and OL_ constants...
2005-03-20 Bradley Belladded MAX_FPS constant
2005-03-20 Bradley Bellrevert to Error if text file not found.
2005-03-16 Bradley Belluse hardcoded value instead of sizeof(tmap_info), since...
2005-03-16 Bradley Bellget rid of compiler warnings
2005-03-15 Bradley BellFix crash if Num_walls=0
2005-03-12 Chris Taylorcould check reactor model num, don't check reactor...
2005-03-06 Chris Taylorcheck the uvs after they're assigned, not before
2005-03-06 Chris Taylorload the descent 1 color palette when NDEBUG is defined
2005-02-27 Chris Taylorcall gr_update in event loops
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse d_free instead of free
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloruse d_calloc instead of calloc
2005-02-26 Chris Taylordetermine properly if 800x600 resolution is available
2005-02-26 Chris Taylorremove the need for BITMAPS.TBL, with EDITOR defined
2005-02-26 Chris Tayloradd remove_trigger_num
2005-02-25 Chris Tayloruse the Descent 2 definitions for maximum segments...
2005-02-25 Chris Taylormake add_missions_to_list recursive
2005-02-25 Chris Taylorallow paths to be passed to read_mission_file
2005-02-25 Chris Taylorhandle briefing correctly for first add-on mission...
2005-02-25 Chris Taylorcheck properly whether there's a briefing
2005-02-25 Bradley Bellallow -notitles to work in shareware [and non-RELEASE...
2005-02-25 Chris Taylordraw the bomb count in OpenGL, but not when a bomb...
2005-02-25 Chris Taylordraw behind the shield number properly in OpenGL
2005-02-25 Chris Tayloractually use PHYSFSX_openRead/WriteBuffered
2005-02-25 Chris Taylormake file copy similar to PHYSFSX_openReadBuffered
2005-02-25 Bradley Bellchange movie Warnings to con_printf, simplify other...
2005-01-26 Bradley Bellensure mission name is properly terminated
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerif LVL can't be found, try filename that was passed
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnercall bm_read_all even if EDITOR is defined
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerremove variable New_segment (is now a macro)
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerclean up path/file length macros
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffners/128/PATH_MAX
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerexternalize N_ObjBitmaps & remove_char, solve conflict
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffnerinclude cntrlcen.h
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffneruse wall_close_door_num, not wall_close_door
2005-01-25 Martin Schaffneruse physfs instead of non-existing cflib.h
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerdon't try to set the removed follow_path
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffneradd prototype for create_removable_wall
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerdo texture replacement for any mission
2005-01-24 Martin SchaffnerPass both arguments to render_frame
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnermain/editor/med
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerremove unused variable "length"
2005-01-24 Martin SchaffnerInclude strutil.h in func.c (for stricmp)
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerchange curseg2p to Curseg2p
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffneronly include i86.h and malloc.h ifdef DO_MEMINFO
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnermove consts for WALL_IS_DOORWAY to header
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerdisable old hostage system in editor
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerchange all functions in kfuncs.c to return int instead...
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerbaptize the coefficients in vms_equation 'n'
2005-01-23 Martin Schaffnermake sure nocfile.h and cfile.h are never both included
2005-01-23 Martin Schaffnerchange cfopen to use buffers (speeding it up), and...
2005-01-23 Martin Schaffnerredraw energy/afterburner gauges whenever necessary
2005-01-23 Martin Schaffnereven ifndef NETWORK do last level hack only on last...
2005-01-10 Martin Schaffnerfix bug #1676
2005-01-08 Bradley Bellmake automap fonts transparent
2005-01-07 Bradley Bellfix problems with copying/deleting save files
2005-01-07 Bradley BellIn Load Level, if there is no current mission, select one
2005-01-06 Bradley BellDraw ship before shields in HUD.
2005-01-06 Bradley BellFree polymodel data before reloading ham file
2004-12-24 Bradley BellUse both ints with the robot producer flags.
2004-12-24 Bradley BellUse macros to use Segment2s when necessary.
2004-12-21 Bradley Bellfix occurrences of #ifdef __LINUX__
2004-12-21 Bradley BellSpecify that two functions return void.
2004-12-21 Bradley BellAdd function prototypes to remove warnings
2004-12-21 Bradley Belldon't duplicate the period in the filename
2004-12-20 Bradley Bellfix type mismatches
2004-12-20 Bradley Belladd missing includes
2004-12-20 Bradley Bellimplement removeext, use it in dsload instead of splitpath