added -fps option
[btb/d2x.git] / main / game.c
2003-03-13 Bradley Belladded -fps option
2003-02-28 Bradley Belloops
2003-02-27 Bradley Belluse timer_delay instead of d_delay
2002-10-03 Bradley Bellwhitespace
2002-09-04 Bradley Bellwe want the mac ibitblt for everything but dos and...
2002-08-15 Bradley Bellpromote builtin missions. patch from Martin Schaffner...
2002-07-30 Bradley Bellsupport shareware datafiles\!
2002-07-27 Bradley Bellportability
2002-02-23 Bradley Belldisabled cockpit for OGL, formatting
2002-02-14 Bradley BellAdded hotkeys to toggle fullscreen mode
2002-02-13 Bradley BellFullscreen toggle stuff
2001-10-25 Bradley Bellconditionalize including multi.h and network.h, fix...
2001-01-31 Bradley BellOpenGL support under Cygwin/SDL
2001-01-31 Bradley BellMakefile and conf.h fixes
2001-01-28 Bradley BellOpenGL now uses SDL-GL instead of gii
2001-01-24 Bradley Bellchanged args_find to FindArg
2001-01-22 Bradley Bellfix compiler warnings w/opengl
2001-01-20 Bradley BellGot rid of all compiler warnings, for non-OpenGL on...
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...