avoid assignments between sbyte * and char *, ubyte * and char * to fix warnings...
[btb/d2x.git] / main / editor / segment.c
2005-07-25 Chris Tayloravoid assignments between sbyte * and char *, ubyte...
2005-04-01 Chris Taylorset Highest_vertex_index and Highest_segment_index...
2005-01-24 Martin Schaffnerdisable old hostage system in editor
2004-12-20 Bradley BellPass the extra two parameters to get_seg_masks.
2004-12-19 Bradley BellMove old logs to ChangeLog-old
2004-12-19 Bradley Bellreplace byte with sbyte
2004-08-29 Martin Schaffnermove more old change logs into ChangeLog-old
2001-10-25 Bradley Bellattempt at support for editor, makefile changes, etc