remove needless sleep on linux hmiplay startup (d1x r1.6)
[btb/d2x.git] / arch / win32 /
2004-05-19 Bradley Bellmove win32 window creation code from arch_init_start...
2004-05-19 Bradley BellFix mismatched arg types in the win32 code (d1x r1.7)
2003-11-27 Bradley BellPocketPC fixes
2003-11-26 Bradley BellVisual C, PocketPC fixes
2003-11-25 Bradley Bellunused functions...
2003-10-14 Bradley Bellinclude newmenu header (for FAIL macro)
2003-10-12 Bradley Belladd IPv4 multicasting support
2003-10-11 Bradley Bellfixed stupid win32 network bug
2003-10-08 Bradley Belluse closesocket() instead of close()
2003-10-05 Bradley Belladded UDP support for win32
2003-10-04 Bradley Bellwin32 networking fixes
2003-10-03 Bradley BellMake network architecture choosable from game menu...
2003-04-12 Bradley Bellcomments/formatting/dist problems
2003-03-31 Bradley BellAllow use of 22K sound samples
2003-03-19 Bradley Bellipx on win32 fixed
2003-02-28 Bradley BellMinGW compiles with network enabled again, but still...
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellunused file
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellwin32 networking backtrack
2002-08-31 Bradley Bellunused file
2002-08-30 Bradley Bellre-added arch/win32/ipx_drv.h
2002-08-07 Bradley Belladded .cvsignore files
2002-07-16 Bradley Bellreverting some networking stuff for now
2002-02-23 Bradley Bellmoved includes to include
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellnever mind - that would be pointless
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellcopied files from d1x
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellenable udp debug messages
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellnew file
2002-02-15 Bradley Bellcopied from d1x
2001-10-20 Bradley Bellmake dist more sensible
2001-10-19 Bradley BellLittle fixes
2001-10-19 Bradley BellMoved arch/sdl_* to arch/sdl
2001-10-19 Bradley Bellbuild fixes
2001-10-19 Bradley BellMoved win32_* to win32/* (a la d1x), starting to get...
2001-10-13 Bradley BellRemoved automake stuff from "inert" subdirs. And there...
2001-01-24 Bradley Bellimproved automake config. make dist, VPATH builds...
2001-01-19 Bradley BellThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...