apply patch from bluecow to fix hmiplay sync issues and lack of midi reset (d1x r1.5)
[btb/d2x.git] / arch / sdl / rbaudio.c
2004-04-14 Bradley Bellfix redbook tracking problems (fixes #1028)
2003-03-21 Bradley Bellcd detection works now
2003-03-20 Bradley Bellstarting d2 cd detection (cddb discid) support
2003-03-19 Bradley Bellheader/extern declaration housekeeping
2003-03-15 Bradley Bellformatting, enabled volume control under linux
2003-03-15 Bradley Bellstop cd audio when exiting
2003-01-15 Bradley Bellchanged path for SDL headers
2002-08-04 Bradley Bellgracefully handle redbook non-availability
2002-07-18 Bradley Bellchanged cdrom->rbaudio