move PhysicsFS initialisation, search path setup and argument reading to physfsx.h
[btb/d2x.git] / D2X.make
2005-02-25 Chris Taylorno defining OGL in conf.h
2004-12-17 Bradley Bellcompile as a classic powerpc app in MPW
2004-12-05 Martin Schaffnerremove misc/d_io.c
2004-12-02 Martin Schaffnerfix build on Carbon by adding digiobj.c
2004-12-01 Bradley BellDon't compile cfile.c on Mac OS 9.
2004-12-01 Bradley BellDon't use D2XFolder, because the userdir can now be...
2004-08-01 Martin SchaffnerNew file for supporting compilation with MPW for carbon...