100% untested: additionally apply mastervolume to ambient sound channels
[divverent/darkplaces.git] / crypto.c
2010-11-25 divverentinitial work for DETACHED signatures
2010-11-25 divverentfix a cast
2010-11-25 divverentmove base64 to common code
2010-11-25 vortexfix warnings by adding type casts
2010-11-25 divverentDP_QC_URI_POST extension (uri_post, uri_postbuf, crypto...
2010-10-28 havocfix MSVC2008 compilation again
2010-10-17 divverentfix two types to hopefulyl compile on MSVC
2010-10-15 divverentCryptographic authentication support for the d0_blind_i...